Medical Eye Exams Explained [VIDEO]

Medical Eye Exams Explained

Medical Eye Exams Explained


About this video:

National Geographic recently released an amazing video on your eyes. Your eyes are tiny spheres of wonder. A doctor can find warning signs of high blood pressure, diabetes, and a whole range of other systemic health issues, just by examining your eyes. Ophthalmologist Neal Adams explains why the eye’s tissues and blood vessels make such a good barometer for wellness. Hear medical eye exams explained by a doctor.

Video: Medical Eye Exams Explained

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  1. That was AMAZING! I had no idea how intricate the human eye was nor what they can detect. Do I have to go to an Ophthalmologist to get something like this done??

  2. MODERATOR – Yes, an Ophthalmologist can do this, but it will be more expensive and harder to get an appointment. Actually most Optometrists can do this through a retinal imaging camera. Ask your doctor if they have an Optomap, it is well worth the extra $30 they may charge you on top of an eye exam.

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