Eye Exam Costs at Sam’s Club Optical Center

Eye Exam Costs at Sam's Club

The eye exam costs at Sam’s Club start around $50 for an eyeglass prescription only. Contact lens exams will run $100 and will cost more for astigmatism or other special factors. This does not include an exam for progressive/bifocal lenses. To dilate your pupil, expect to pay an additional $50.

Eye Exam Costs at Sam’s Club Vision Center
Sam’s Club is part of the Walmart empire. They are a discount buying club that has locations throughout the US. They good bargains for nearly everything for your home. They have an optical department at nearly all of them. In fact, they actually have some pretty good brands and selection. Sam’s Club has an eye doctor and they provide eye exams on site. In fact, they are pretty reasonable compared to most independent optometrists. They also offer occasional promotions, coupons and discounts not found at JC Penney, Sears and other places.

We generally recommend getting a more comprehensive exam at an Independent Optometrist that may have more advanced technology to detect issues like hypertension, diabetes and more. An eye exam may be one of the more economical and fastest methods for early detection of heart attacks, strokes and diabetic conditions. However, if you are fairly young and do not foresee any issues with your vision, then Sam’s Club might be a good fit for you.

When trying to determine the eye exam costs at Sam’s Club, you should understand this list of their lenses and frames:

  • Plastic – $30 + $45 if you want anti-reflective coating
  • Polycarbonate $130 (includes anti-reflective coating) + $50 for Transitions (clear lenses that turn into sunglasses when exposed to UV light)
  • High Index 1.67 $130 (includes anti-reflective coating) + $50 for Transitions
  • Zeiss Progressive Bifocal lenses – $198 + $60 for Transitions
  • Nikon HD Progressive Bifocal lensesĀ  – $340 + $65 for Transitions

If you are curious as to what happens during an eye exam, check out this article on, “What Happens During an Eye Exam?”

Article: Eye Exam Costs at Sam’s Club

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