Learn about the Eye Exam Costs at Costco


What are the Eye Exam Costs at Costco?
Costco eye exam costs can vary but expect to pay around $80 for a glasses exam. Contact lens exams will run $150. You can spend as much as you want for frames & lenses however the average package is between $100 and $200. If you would like to compare Costco to Sams Club’s program, we have a great article on them as well.

Costco Eye Exam Costs
Costco is a discount buying club that has locations throughout the US. They provide amazing bargains for nearly everything for your home. They have an optical department at nearly all of them. In fact, they actually have some pretty good brands and selection. Costco has an eye doctor and they provide eye exams on site. In fact, they are pretty reasonable compared to most independent optometrists. They also offer occasional promotions, coupons and discounts not found at JC Penney, Sears and other places. They do have a really nice face shape guide if you are trying to buy something online.

Eye Exam Costs at Costco
Regarding their lenses, they offer their own version of a progressive lens. This is from their website, “With a sharper vision in all conditions members purchasing KS HD lenses will receive an unprecedented degree of customization. Included on all HD lenses is our state of the art anti-reflective treatment. Our anti-reflective treatment gives each lens a cosmetically appealing look while providing better scratch resistance.”

Eye Exam Costs at CostcoIf you are fairly young and do not foresee any issues with your vision, then Costco might be a good fit for you. However, we generally recommend getting a more comprehensive exam at an Independent Optometrist that may have more advanced technology to detect issues like hypertension, diabetes and more. The eye exam costs at Costco may not be as relevant as the medical impact. An eye exam may be one of the more economical and fastest methods for early detection of heart attacks, strokes and diabetic conditions.

We also recommend getting retinal imaging scan from a machine like Optos. This is like an HD picture of your retina. It will cost you about $30 more but well worth it. Your optometrist can keep it on file so it can serve as your baseline. This helps them detect changing medical conditions each year.

Article: Eye Exam Costs at Costco

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  1. I was actually told a month ago from Costco here locally that the eye exam was 49 bucks. Today, they not only said it was 60 bucks, but that it had NEVER been 49 bucks! Taking my business elsewhere.

  2. Last year, i was told that my exam had no copay because i had VSP. Sure enough no out of pocket cost to me. Fast forward to today my son had to pay 39.00. Not to happy.

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