Eye Exam Costs at America’s Best


Eye exam costs at Americas Best are $45 which is comparable to Walmart or Costco. The exam can also be free if you buy glasses. Contact lens exams cost are $79. In order to get the free eye exam, you need to buy two pairs of eyeglasses. You can also get free contact lens exams every 3 years by joining the Eyecare club for $99. This is for folks without vision insurance.

Eye Exam Costs at Americas Best
Researching eye exam costs at Americas Best? With 450 retail stores across the US, America’s Best is one of the largest eye care providers in the country. This provider also has some of the cheapest prices for eye wear. There are discounts and offers regularly running on their website. Their price and quality is very comparable to WalMart Vision Centers, Costco or even Sam’s Club but without being connected to a large retail store. They make finding and purchasing the right eye wear very easy as you can choose a pair directly from their website.

Frames and Lenses
There are hundreds of frames on offer at America’s Best. It is probably the eye care provider with the widest range in frame prices from $59 to $199. There are discounts on all frames. You will get 2 pairs of $59 prices for $69 while 2 pairs of $199 glasses will cost $299.

America’s Best has medium priced designer frames like Just, Commotion and Karen Millen. Contact lens brands include Acuvue, Optix, Dailies, Biofinity, Proclear and Sofmed among other well-known brands. Members of the Eyecare club get discounts on contact lenses with prices as low as $13.99. You can also bulk in bulk, like an annual supply for further discount.

Vision insurance
While America’s Best encourages clients to choose promotional prices over using insurance, they still accept plans from providers like Advantica, avesis, Davis vision, Metlife vision, Superior vision, Vision Benefits America and many others. Note that you cannot combine your insurance plan and promotional offers like the 2 pairs for $69.95. Flex Spending Accounts cards are also accepted.

Lower pricing
America’s Best have very attractive rates compared to other large eye care chains and independent optometrists. They claim their lower prices come from moving huge volumes which passes the benefits of economies of scale to the customer.

Some clients have complained of false advertising especially on the higher priced eyeglasses. Some have also complained of wrong diagnosis and waiting too long before getting the right fit glasses and contacts. The service in some of their stores has also been complained about. If you are curious as to what happens during an eye exam, check out this article on, “What Happens During an Eye Exam?

Article: Eye Exam Costs at Americas Best

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  1. If I could rate this business a zero I would!

    I am so irritated and mad at the quality of their product and customer service. I had my glasses a year and noticed pitting and jagged edges on the lenses that started to break off. Now when I bought the lenses they up sold me to buy a better lens. By the time I brought them back to the store it was 3 months past the year warranty and they told me it was normal wear and tear. I only wear my glasses at night or in the morning on weekends and they are always in the case. When I told the girl this she said that it was the type of frame that I have too that causes this. I said no its not because I have another pair of glasses I’ve had for 15 years with the same type of frame that are in perfect condition. So she says, sorry there’s nothing we can do since it’s past your year warranty. I asked to speak to the manager and she told me the same thing, sorry…past your warranty, it’s normal wear and tear. I paid over $200 for a pair of glasses that look so bad I could never wear out of the house because they look so bad. Not to mention hardly see out of one of the lenses because it’s pitted so bad.

    Beware of this company…they don’t back their product and scam their customers!!!!!

  2. I recently patronized this location and while there, I had an eye exam for glasses and contacts. During my visit, (I made an appointment), I was assisted and the staff, for the most part, were very cordial and professional. However, there was an employee there who was sick; he was sneezing and needing to blow his nose. Uh, OK. I know that sometimes people have to work even if they’re sick but in an environment where you’re dealing with the public, that shouldn’t even be considered.

    The doctors who examined me were great. During my initial visit, I was examined by one doctor and given a trial pair of contact lenses to wear and upon my return visit, I was examined by another. Both were very nice, had a warm demeanor, talked with me about the issues concerning my vision, and thoroughly answered any questions that I had.

    While deciding on what frames I wanted, Clifford was extremely helpful in explaining to me what my insurance would cover, what options to consider, and what the cost would be. He was very patient, conscientious, and friendly.

    I received my glasses within 4 days after my return visit – although the initial date in which I was advised was 10 business days. Of course I was happy about that. My glasses are very nice and no adjustments were needed. Overall, I was very pleased with my experience.

  3. Is it really 2 pairs for $69?? That seems really cheap. Is the quality any good? I have never been there before.

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